Create Smarter Podcast – Creator Economy Trends

Create Smarter Podcast – Creator Economy Trends Lets talk trends!! On this episode of The Create Smarter Podcast, we discuss how creators are taking over the TV space, how to define yourself as a brand, gaining the trust of your audience, and more. Join Marisa, Connor, and Tyler as they discuss some Creator Economy Trends […]

Create Smarter Podcast – Turning Alumni Into Frontline Fundraisers

Create Smarter Podcast – Turning Your Alumni Into Frontline Fundraisers Our team had the opportunity to work on a video centric Honor a Mentor campaign with Brandeis University titled “Tuesdays at Brandeis”. Lindsay Roth, Director of Direct Marketing & Participation at Brandeis University, sat down with Phil to talk about the creative process that […]

Create Smarter Podcast – Touching Grass

Create Smarter Podcast – Touching Grass Do you need to touch grass? Are you going to be real in 2023? What does any of this have to do with the video and social media trends for this year? You are not going to want to miss the latest episode of the Create Smarter podcast […]

Joe Andruzzi Foundation Media Day

Women using 360 video booth

Joe Andruzzi Foundation Media Day The Joe Andruzzi Foundation recently visited our studio for a “media day” type shoot. We captured headshots, interviews and 360 video for them to use on their website. And we did it all in one day! How Did We Do It? We set up 3 different stations across our studio/office […]

A Breakdown of Options for B2B Live Streaming in 2023

Woman shrugs shoulder with questions marks drawn above her head.

I was recently on a pre-production call for an upcoming event and the question of where the audience was going to watch the live stream came up.  Event manager: To be honest we haven’t really thought of that yet. I’m not entirely sure, maybe zoom? Do you have any suggestions? Me: It kinda depends on […]

Create Smarter Podcast – AI in Video Production

Create Smarter Podcast – AI in Video Production “Everybody and their mothers has heard about AI by now…” says 5 Tool Production’s Connor Clougherty. Artificial intelligence has taken tech headlines by storm, so to stay trendy and to nerd out, the boys at 5 Tool talk about AI in the realm of video production. Is […]

Event Coverage – 2022 Administrative Professional’s Conference Video Case Study

January 19, 2023 In September of 2022, Marisa and Connor flew down to Orlando, FL to cover the 2022 Administrative Professional’s Conference with the team over at Diversified Communications. 5 Tool was tasked with covering all aspects of the event from the vast amount of expert led classes, seminars, and trainings to the giant keynote […]

One Shoot = Multiple Pieces of Content

One Shoot = Multiple Pieces of Content When planning a video shoot, it’s important to be as efficient as possible with your time, money and resources. That’s why when we take on a project, we like to tell clients that one shoot = multiple pieces of content. That might mean that an interview turns into […]

PTZ’s are becoming more and more common

PTZ Cameras are Becoming More and More Common What is a PTZ Camera? PTZ Cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are very flexible filming or streaming devices that make movements. very easy for the operator. They can turn left or right, tilt up or down, and zoom in and out with remote control rather than standing […]

Create Smarter Podcast – 5 Tool at RISD

Create Smarter Podcast – Delivering the In Person Experience for a Virtual Audience Delivering an engaging experience to a virtual audience is just as important as it is for the audience that is in person at your event. Listen in as your friends at 5 Tool Productions discuss their experience working the Rhode Island […]