A Breakdown of Options for B2B Live Streaming in 2023

Woman shrugs shoulder with questions marks drawn above her head.

I was recently on a pre-production call for an upcoming event and the question of where the audience was going to watch the live stream came up.  Event manager: To be honest we haven’t really thought of that yet. I’m not entirely sure, maybe zoom? Do you have any suggestions? Me: It kinda depends on […]

What Instagram’s (almost) Update Reveals About the Future of Social Media

For a few hours on Thursday, it looked like Instagram had undergone a dramatic overhaul.  Gone was the traditional vertical scroll, replaced instead with a swipe feature (similar to stories) for the main feed.   The internet, predictably, went insane.  Instagram rolled the update back, but the features of it give us a glimpse into the […]

Boosting Posts on Facebook Made Easy – Create Smarter

If you’re responsible for running a brand’s online presence, you already know that organic reach on Facebook is lower than it has ever been before.  Creating great content is a key, but what do you do when your target audience can’t see it?  One way to get in front of this problem is by boosting […]

Why You Need to be Thinking About Twitch

We talk a lot on this blog about Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  But there’s another major player in the social video space that we haven’t given nearly as much attention, and that should change.  We’re talking about one of the fastest growing live video applications around; Twitch. For the uninitiated, Twitch is a […]

Great #GivingTuesday Campaigns by Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts

While it doesn’t have as big a name as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday has quickly become an annual tradition. 2018 marked the 7th year of Giving Tuesday and with over $380 Million in donations in the US alone, it marked the most successful year in terms of giving. The overall number of […]

The Future of Facebook Video

What happens when one of the authorities in the social media space steps up and makes a major announcement about the way they use Facebook video?  You pay attention to it! That’s what happened with us when Social Media Examiner announced that they’d be cancelling several of their long-form video series on Facebook back in […]

Why your company needs reviews and what you can do with them

I know you’re going to be busy the next few days busy restocking shelves and board-folding every t-shirt on the display tree this weekend during black Friday and small business Saturday. But right after you make a customer’s day and check them out, there is one more thing you should do, ask them for a […]

How to see what ads companies are running on Facebook

A while back, we wrote an article explaining how to see what Facebook knows about you. It turned out to be a fairly popular post on the site and one that generated a few sidebar conversations from readers. One of the main questions we encountered was “how can I see what ads brands are running […]

IGTV is Struggling to Find its Footing

IGTV is struggling 01

When IGTV launched, our initial advice was cautiously optimistic.  Try it, but don’t bet the farm on it.  We were willing to put a little more stock in a new feature when it was coming from Instagram, a platform that’s seen nothing but success.  But early on, IGTV is struggling to engage its audience, and […]

Americans Don’t Trust Social Media

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The way we consume news has changed a lot over the years.  It used to be that you’d have to read a newspaper, turn on a radio, or tune into the nightly news to know what was going on in the world around you.  There was such a thing as a news cycle.  Those days […]