From Distribution to Creation – The Evolution of Vimeo

vimeo 01

When Vimeo launched in 2004, the internet was a much different place.  Facebook was only for college students, YouTube didn’t exist yet, Twitter was still two years away, and the iPhone was still just a thought in Steve Jobs’ head.  People connected to the internet via their computers, and their connection speeds were nowhere near […]

Make them read your videos

A while back, we wrote about why audio is the most important part of a video. Well now, we’re doubling down on that notion and taking it one step further. Not only do your viewers need and want to hear your clips, but they also want to read it. Yes, read it. First of all, […]

YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook – Where you should post your videos.

Where should I post my videos? That’s a question I get asked at least once a week. While my answer is ALWAYS the same, I’ll focus on a conversation I had recently with a local gym owner. CrossFit boxes, and personal training studios are no stranger to creating content on their own. Many owners, trainers, […]

The Death of Vine and the Future of Online Video

Back in October, Twitter announced it was shuttering Vine, the 6-second looping video app responsible for some of the internet’s greatest ADD masterpieces.  Twitter purchased Vine about four years ago for $30 million, and at first things were going great.  It was the shiny new toy in the world of online video, and casual users […]