A Breakdown of Options for B2B Live Streaming in 2023

Woman shrugs shoulder with questions marks drawn above her head.

I was recently on a pre-production call for an upcoming event and the question of where the audience was going to watch the live stream came up.  Event manager: To be honest we haven’t really thought of that yet. I’m not entirely sure, maybe zoom? Do you have any suggestions? Me: It kinda depends on […]

TRENDS – Expanding Digital Live Streaming of Events

I was reading up on a recent sale of the formerly ESPN-owned X Games to a private-equity firm to help expand the digital live streaming of the cherished extreme sports event. One section particularly stuck out to me in the article, “The company’s goal is to reimagine the X Games with unique fan experiences, an […]

Wrapping Up the Arc of Greater Brockton’s ‘Dedication Ceremony’ Event Coverage

On June 23rd, 2022, the Arc of Greater Brockton, Massachusetts was the host to a Dedication Ceremony at their space in Brockton, Massachusetts. They were announcing a groundbreaking of property right next to their original building. Also, they honored former executive director Jay Lynch, as he moves on from his position at the Brockton Arc, […]

Live Video – The Clear Cut Midterm Election Winner

Regardless of where you’re located, who you voted for, or where you placed your “I voted” sticker, there was one clear cut winner when it came to the midterm elections – live streamed video. Throughout the course of the day we saw major networks and local TV stations go live for their own coverage. There […]

Behind the Scenes at NAB NY 2018

Road trips are great. Road trips where you get to play with all the new toys in video production and live streaming? Even better.  We had a chance to hit the road for NAB NY and check out the latest and greatest from some of our favorite vendors in the video production space.  NAB is […]

Hands-On With the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio

Hands-On With the BlackMagic ATEM Television Studio

We had the chance to get down to New York for the NAB Show, East Version, this year.  There were tons of great brands there, and no shortage of video production toys to play with, but hands-down the biggest presence at the show belonged to BlackMagic.  They were front and center at the main entrance, […]

Being Prepared for the Boom

If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.  It sounds pessimistic, but if you work in live TV or broadcasting these are words to live by.  The phrase isn’t used to inspire fear among the ranks; it’s a handy reminder that there are always going to be things beyond your control.  Sometimes the best […]

Using a Live Switcher to Make Your Event Production More Efficient

If you manage events for your company, you probably already know that creating content at those events is a must.  Events and conferences are a golden opportunity to showcase your thought leaders.  Your most engaged audience is all in one place at one time, and they’re all in the right mindset to be talking about […]

Five Ways to Maximize Your Event Production

Producing an event for your company is a huge task.  Booking venues, working with A/V teams, coordinating speakers, ordering food, planning your content, promoting the event – the list goes on and on.  If you’re putting forth all of this effort, you should also have an event production plan to ensure that your event lives […]

Turning a webinar into a news show

If you’ve ever logged onto a webinar, I feel your pain. There’s really nothing worse than listening to a voice on a speakerphone talk through 100 slides in a PowerPoint presentation. You’re probably barely paying attention to it while it plays in the background. It’s these reasons why brands are looking to up their game […]