TRENDS – Expanding Digital Live Streaming of Events

I was reading up on a recent sale of the formerly ESPN-owned X Games to a private-equity firm to help expand the digital live streaming of the cherished extreme sports event. One section particularly stuck out to me in the article, “The company’s goal is to reimagine the X Games with unique fan experiences, an […]

Creating Content for Brandeis’ Giving Day

For this year’s Brandeis Giving Day, or Giving DEISday, we wanted to do something different than we had in the past. We wanted to focus on impact and fun in order to stop the scroll!  Launching Brandeis’ Giving Day Campaign To kick off the campaign, we needed a launch video. In past years, we had […]

Getting the Most out of #GivingTuesday

Students are back on campus.  Your team is back from vacation.  The first appeal of the fall semester is ready to go.  Everything is peaceful and serene.  Then suddenly you realize that #GivingTuesday is only a couple of months away, and you haven’t done anything to get ready for it.  You can choose to panic…or […]

Leveraging Video for Fundraising in FY23 (and beyond)

athlete being interviews on camera with lights

There’s something inherently exciting about a blank slate.  It’s a chance to start fresh, try new things, and finally put that idea to the test that you’ve been brainstorming for months and months.   But a blank slate can also be daunting.  Filling in a full year’s worth of content and ideas, looking ahead 12 months, […]