One Shoot = Multiple Pieces of Content

Man capturing interview content

When planning a video shoot, it’s important to be as efficient as possible with your time, money and resources. That’s why when we take on a project, we like to tell clients that one shoot = multiple pieces of content. That might mean that an interview turns into a feature story, a podcast, and a quote graphic. Or it might mean that you plan to capture a variety of content over the course of a day to create many pieces in the end. Here are some examples that we have produced with clients and for ourselves.

Diagram explaining how to record and distribute content


When we shoot content for our own purposes (social videos, for our website & marketing, etc) we try to plan it all in one block of time. 

In one segment we like to call Respond Smarter, we sit our team members down in front of a camera to pull fun questions out of a hat. Things like “Is a hotdog a sandwich? What would your last meal be? If you could meet one fictional character, who would it be?”. Usually, there are about 5-10 of those and each question turns into its own episode. For example, one video is everyone on the team answering the question “what would your last meal be?”. That way, we have 5-10 videos that we can use on social media over the course of the coming months. It’s a great way to fill our content calendar with some fun content!

It’s also worth noting that when we plan these shoots, we plan them on days where we might be capturing additional content such as get to know videos or taking new headshots. That way, we only need to shoot for one day (and only need to come into work looking camera ready for one day!). It’s a great way to save time setting up equipment and not drag people away from their work more than they need to be.

Joe Andruzzi Foundation: Media Day

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation was recently in our studio for a media day type shoot. We planned 1 day when their entire team came to the studio to…

  • Take new headshots
  • Sit down to be interviewed
  • Record fun videos using our 360 booth


We set up 3 different stations to capture all of this content: the headshots and interviews were both taken in opposite sides of our studio, and we set up our 360 booth in our kitchen with black pipe and drape to create the effect of a dark room with colored lights. Having separate stations allowed for an easy work flow so that when one team member was finished in the studio, they could head down to the 360 video booth and send another member of the team in.

The JAF team scheduled a half day to be in our studio which helps save them time and money, but also saves us time in the process!  Now, from that one half day, they’ll be able to fill their website with a bunch of new content.

Learn more about this project by watching our video case study!

Brandeis University: Tuesdays at Brandeis

For Brandeis University’s Tuesdays at Brandeis campaign, we brought together sets of mentors and mentees. We recorded interviews with each of the mentors as well as capturing a “fly on the wall” documentary-style video while the pairs had a conversation. All of this content was captured in just 2 days and it resulted in 25 videos. We took questions that were left on the cutting room floor, as well as our favorite individual clips, and created shorter, bite-sized content to be used throughout this campaign. Then, the Brandeis team created a site specifically for all of the Tuesdays at Brandeis content (as well as their giving forms) for the duration of the campaign.

Screenshot of Tuesdays at Brandeis website

EverTrue: Tufts University Case Study

For one of our projects with EverTrue, we visited the Tufts University campus to capture some interviews and a day in the life video. We interviewed 4 people and turned that into over 45 different videos. For the most part, each question we asked the interviewees was turned into its own video. While we were there we also shot a “Day in the Life of a DXO” video. From that one shoot day, we captured almost 50 pieces of content!