Tufts University

Tufts Giving Tuesday Campaign

Tufts Giving Tuesday is how the university plays their part in the nation wide day of philanthropy that highlights different funds around the university. 

To highlight these different groups, teams, and organizations, 5 Tool was tasked with creating individual media day like hype videos using different sets and types of filming styles that would be shared on the group’s social pages. Along with these social videos, we created a overall hype video to promote the day itself on Tufts’ socials, an explainer video that went out in emails and was posted on their website, as well as a thank you video that would be sent to all that contributed throughout the day and campaign. 

That is a whopping total of 19 deliverables!

We were able to take over a multipurpose room on Tufts’ campus and turn it into a media day filming zone for various clubs, organizations, and athletics teams around the Tufts community. Students were able to come in and run the gauntlet of their very own personal media day shoot that highlighted their group and it’s members.

  • A giant branded Jumbo flag was hung where groups of students could post and interact in front of the flag. Their actions were captured in crisp 4k and slow-mo while blue Tufts themed lighting and smoke were used to add a little extra pizzaz to the shots.
  • Students could get on our seamless white backdrop stage for some more close up hero poses that allowed for some really cool tight shots.
  • 5 Tool introduced their new 360 camera for this shoot that allowed students to hit their favorite dance or pose as the camera spun around the booth washed in Tufts blue.
  • Some group members popped into a quick interview area with a custom Tufts themed backdrop to explain how important giving day is to their group or organization.  

On Tufts Giving Tuesday itself, a small team from 5 Tool was on Tufts’ campus promoting the giving day and getting the student body involved. Using the 360 camera in a high traffic area, Tyler and Connor played street team as they flagged down students to use the 360 booth while holding and wearing Tufts Giving Tuesday branded signs and swag. These students were able to instantly download and share their 360 video to raise awareness about the giving day by using the hashtag #tuftsgivingtuesday in their post. 

The turnout was great and the team was able to capture 38 videos with the 360 booth and get people talking about it all over campus. Some faculty and even the president himself jumped on to join in the fun!

The 360 booth is a fun and interactive way to grab people’s attention and get them involved while educating them about the giving day and raising awareness about their favorite team or organization on campus.

Tufts Giving Tuesday was a very fun project to work on for the whole team, and is a good example of how tapping into your student body (or any audience) can help boost your giving day awareness and results. By utilizing the pre-existing audience’s of Tufts’ clubs, athletic teams, and organizations and having the individual groups post on their social media, the word spreads much faster than if solely shared on university pages only. In this case, we saw that the students acted as influencers and helped raise awareness to fellow students and members of the greater Tufts community that may have not been aware if the message was shared through an email or newsletter alone. 

At the end of the day, Tufts was able to raise $3,941,170 from 8,355 donors! All in all, Tufts Giving Tuesday was a very successful campaign with a great collection of content to go with it!