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DEISDay 2022

Planning a Day of Giving is no small task – and neither is marketing it.  That’s why we were so excited when Brandeis University turned to 5 Tool Productions to help put together content to promote it’s Giving DEIS Day campaign, and to stream it out live.  In the month leading up to DEIS Day, Brandeis published a collection of videos with different tones and themes.  All of these videos tied back to DEIS Day, and aimed to raise awareness for the event.  

Once the big day arrived, it was time to stream.  The live event was a celebration of all things Brandeis, featuring live hosts interviewing people from around campus, live hits from the party in the student center, and videos showcasing the impact that donors make on the institution.

From concept to day-of execution and post-event debrief, 5Tool was a true extension of our team at Brandeis. Having their investment in the success of the campaign meant so much to us and I truly believe led to the best final product for our audiences, alumni, and on-campus community. As a vendor, I appreciate 5 Tool's cost effective approach to content creation that saves budget and maximizes the use of video and images. We've already used the videos from Giving DEISday to promote giving and impact in other ways with similar audiences and look forward to trying out new approaches with the 2023 campaign!
Lindsay Roth
Director, Direct Marketing & Participation, Brandeis University

Marketing a Day of Giving is not one-size-fits-all.  Different people in the audience respond to different types of content.  That’s why we put together a varied collection of stories and videos to help the Brandeis team highlight impact and generate excitement about DEIS Day.

In addition to the video launching the event to the public, we worked with Brandeis to create a variety of content:

  • “Moments of Zen” videos showcasing beauty shots of campus with natural sound
  • The “Ollie on the Street” series, which gave students a chance to win matching funds to the cause of their choice by participating in a trivia contest
  • Impact stories featuring Brandeis Students
  • Remotely recorded interview features with alumni

Once DEIS Day arrived, it was time to go live.  The live stream for DEIS Day featured two live hosts – a staff member and a student – broadcasting live from a branded set that we built inside Brandeis’ Campus Center.  Throughout the course of the two hour broadcast, our hosts interviewed different members of the Brandeis community and highlighted all the different ways that donors can make an impact on the institution.  

Just like all of our live shows, DEIS Day live was produced as a multi-camera, broadcast-style show.  This means the show was fully branded with DEIS Day graphics and content, and ran according to a TV-style rundown that we built out in conjunction with the Brandeis team.  It also means we included previously recorded content, live donors and dollars updates, and social comments into the live show – all streamed directly to the DEIS Day website via an embedded video player.

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