Environmental Business Council of New England

Climate Adaptation Forum

We went live from the UMass Club in Boston for the Environmental Business Council of New England’s Climate Adaptation Forum. This forum was truly a hybrid event! Not only were we on site with cameras streaming the event to a remote audience, we also brought in a remote keynote speaker.

Hybrid events are a fun mix of virtual and live... We used our vMix switcher to be able to bring broadcast-like quality to a Zoom meeting... You can make everyone really sit down and pay attention to your virtual event or your live event.
Kyle MacNaught
Video Content Producer, 5 Tool Productions

By live streaming through our switcher, we brought broadcast-like quality to this event. This helped keep people engaged more so than if it was just an average Zoom meeting. When producing a hybrid event, it’s important to remember that the experience of your at-home audience is different than that of your in-room audience. And it should be! The in-person audience had the advantage of experiencing all of these presentations in person. If we had just pointed one camera at the stage to stream to the audience at home, they’d get up from their computer! Adding in graphics and a switched feed of cameras helps spruce up the program.

The keynote speaker joined us from Arizona to do his presentation remotely. This presented the challenge of making sure that the in-room and the at-home audience could both hear the presenter. The presenter also needed to hear the audio coming from the other speakers in the room. But bringing in remote guests also has it’s advantages! Offering the option to your speakers to join your event remotely negates the issue of scheduling travel time.

The same is true for the audience. Producing this forum as a hybrid event allowed more than double the people in the room to tune in at home! There were 40+ people in attendance at the UMass Club, and 80+ people watching from home. This gave EBCNE the opportunity to reach more people than they would’ve if the event was exclusively in person.

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