How to Create Digital Touchpoints with Your Content

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The other day I was talking with a group of people who were asking the true value of just email marketing. We dug a little deeper into and I mentioned that email alone isn’t really a good option. In fact, email, social media, or any other marketing outlet isn’t a good option on its own. However, when combined and paired to create digital touchpoints along the customer journey, they can be very successful. Let me explain. Email was once one of the major traffic drivers for a lot of businesses. They would wait until the end of the month. Send an email to their list. And watch the money roll in. The only problem is, every business now does the exact same thing.

The way to make email work is simple; trust. You have to use other methods and create digital touchpoints that help people feel more comfortable with you. A few weeks before sending out an email, upload your email list to Facebook. Then, run an ad directly at that list that is only promoting a piece of content. Remarket to the people that read your post on places like YouTube and other publications with videos and other valuable content that isn’t about the sale. Then, send your email. And instead of just waiting to see what happens, have a follow up Facebook campaign ready using the same email list as before. Only this time have something a bit more promotional.


This might not work right off the bat. In fact, it may take a few times for you to see real measurable results.  However, by creating all of these digital touchpoints you are accomplishing quite a few tasks. 1. Your message(s) will be in front of people more often. 2. The more people see you’re not trying to sell them all the time, the more thy’ll trust you. 3. The more people trust you, the more likely they are to open your email and listen to your offer.

Of course the glue that holds this entire process together is solid content. And lots of it



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