3 Creative Ways to Use Your Still Photos

After hosting an event or spending a day in the studio taking photos, you’re left with a ton of content. But, you shouldn’t just dump them all into an album and post them. So what should you do? Here are 3 creative ways to use your still photography.

Refreshing Your Website

When you host an event that is multiple days long, that is a great opportunity to capture lots of content that you can use to fill your website.

One client that we’ve seen do this well is the Diversified Communications. They use their photos in lots of different ways (which we’ll get into later in this blog!) but one of the most prominent ways is by refreshing their website to include photos from the most recent conferences. Diversified Communications puts on lots of different conferences, but one of them is the Administrative Professionals Conference. This conference is 4 days long, and we’re there for the duration to capture lots of photos. This gives the folks at APC lots of content to pick from and helps keep their website up to date as much as possible!

You can also do this with basic studio photography. Take our team for example. We all took our headshots in our studio and used them to create a uniform look on our Meet the Team page!

Fill Your Marketing & Social Media Calendars

Using your photos to fill your marketing and social content calendars is a great way to make use of your photos. But, you don’t have to just post the photo as is! You can superimpose your logo on the photo to create a clean, branded look, use those photos in waveform graphics with soundbites, or use them as a focal point in a graphic.

We mentioned previously that Diversified Communications does a few things well with their photos for a variety of their events, and this includes creating social graphics. We have taken photos at a variety of their events, such as Vinexpo America and the Administrative Professionals Conference. They will use these photos to create static or motion graphics for their social media to promote their next event, give updates about the conference, or celebrate World Cocktail Day!

For Boston University’s 2023 Giving Day, we hosted a media day that included a station for photography. We set up a white seamless backdrop and took a variety of photos of each group that came through. While editing these photos, we added the logo and graphic treatment for this specific Giving Day and delivered the final products to each individual group for them to use on their social media.

We also hosted a media day for the Joe Andruzzi Foundation that included a photography station. We captured your typical headshots, as well as some fun candids and small group shots. They used these studio photos that we captured and turned them into a variety of different graphics on their social media! Including birthday shoutouts, Employee Appreciation Day, and International Women’s Day. This is just one way they plan on using the photos from that day, but it’s a fun way to use straight forward studio photos.

Using Photos in Videos

We are always thinking of ways to convey content differently, and that’s what we did for this year’s Emerson Athletics Day of Giving. We hosted a media day in their gym and took photos of student athletes doing a specific action. By adjusting the shutter speed on our camera, we were able to capture a burst of 15 photos at a time. When edited together, it creates a flip book or stop motion effect. We could’ve just taken a video of this action, but by capturing the action in stills instead, it achieved a different and unique effect. The other great thing about doing a technique like this is that you now have a collection of stills that you can use individually as well! It allows you the flexibility to use content captured in one day in many different ways going forward.

To learn more about how to make your content live on, check out our webinar on what to do with your content after hosting an event.