Meet The Team

These are the people that make the magic happen.

Before Tyler or “Dad” started the company with his buddy Phil, he was gracing TV stations in the northeast as a news reporter and sports anchor. Now when he’s not jumping in front of or behind the camera you’ll find him at home with his wife and his 4 boys. See, the dad thing makes sense now.

Tyler Pyburn

Phil got his start in sports radio before moving into the live streaming space back when most of the audience didn’t have a smartphone.  After working in higher education, Phil and Tyler launched 5 Tool.  When he’s not creating videos, Phil’s hanging out with his wife and daughter, or entertaining his two crazy cattle dogs.

Phil DiMartino

While he is not being the class clown of the office, Connor is an associate producer here at 5 Tool Productions. You can find him editing videos, writing storyboards and scripts, as well as out on the town producing shoots and helping with live events however he can!

Connor Clougherty

Known around the office as the queen of social media, Marisa runs all of the 5 Tool social accounts. When she’s not planning & posting content on our social media, she stays busy by shooting & editing client work. And when she’s not doing any of that she’s definitely hooting & hollering in the office.

Marisa Uluski

Michelle spends her days working with our clients and managing projects. When she’s not managing projects, she’s managing her three busy kids and hanging with her cute husband and even cuter dog.

Michelle Teravainen

“The “FLORIDA MAN” of the office Kyle cut his teeth live streaming video productions before Zoom was even a product. He’s led from concept to completion projects in all types of industries including an award-winning podcast series, live-streamed events, and in-studio productions. If you want to get him talking, ask about his wife, kid, dog, golf, or Florida State football, he’s got opinions!”

Kyle MacNaught

Brooklyn first got into video production when she won her first film festival back in 2019. When she’s not editing footage or being a camera op on shoots here at 5 Tool, you can catch her tattooing, making horror/thriller films, and preventing her cat from wreaking havoc around the house.

Brooklyn Murdick

Most commonly referred to as “that tall guy with the camera”, Jake, can always be found either editing in the office or camera oping events. When off the clock, Jake can always be found watching or playing sports including his new found purpose in life, bowling.

Jake Stiner