Boston University

Giving Day 2023 Media Day

BU Giving Day 2023 Launch Video

BUGD23 - 02

How We Did It

We have partnered with BU for many pieces of Giving Day content over the years but this shoot was a tad different. Our project manager worked closely with the folks at BU to schedule each participant throughout the day so they could come through our media day stations, each dressed with BU themed backdrops and props as well as a giant Giving Day flag! 5 Tool prepared a shot list and story boards for the launch and thank you videos to be sure we captured everything we needed across the one all-day shoot on campus.

Each participant that was scheduled was instructed to bring props, uniforms and attire that would distinctly express what sport, group, or school they were representing. This was clear across the launch video to showcase the vast number of organizations and schools across BU’s campus and to entice the audience to donate to the group they support. Each group was given their own individual hype reel as well as still photos from the media day that would be posted on their social media channels to promote the upcoming giving day.

Station Breakdown

The first station was the Red Seamless Backdrop where we had students perform action oriented poses and movements that were captured in very close up, tight shots. This was a station where students could utilize any props they brought to the shoot to illustrate what group they represented.

The White Seamless Backdrop was used for solo and group still photos that we edited and branded for promotional use on different social channels.  We also captured video on the white backdrop with smooth dolly pushes as well as recording students reading lines straight to camera.

Next up was the giant BU Giving Day Branded Flag! Students had more room on this station to move around and do fun group poses, with and without props. We took our cameras off their tripods to get cool looking handheld shots with the students.

The final station was the BU Media Day 360 video booth. Participants had a blast in this station striking poses and using props as they were captured in 360 degrees of glorious slow motion!


In one day of filming, 5 Tool was able to capture content with 25 groups on 4 different media day stations. As well as video content, we were also capturing still photography as well as recording lines with certain groups that would be used in the launch and thank you videos.

Overall Boston University’s 2023 Giving Day Campaign was very successful! They were able to raise $3.8 Million from over 12,000 donors across their community. 55+ athletic challenges were unlocked throughout the campaign and once the day was up, over 460 funds had been supported.