Syracuse University

Boost the ’Cuse 2023

For this year’s Boost the ’Cuse, the Syracuse University team wanted to do something different; something bigger than ever! So why not go live for 16 hours?

Instead of a typical Giving Day live stream where we’d be live for 2 or 3 hours at a time, we decided to go live every hour on the hour. That came out to be 16 total live shows over the course of the day. Now, we just had to figure out how to promote the show and fill it with content to drive giving!

This project in particular required a huge lift in the pre-production process between creating a rundown for 16 shows, editing content to fill those shows and coordinating over 50 live and pre-recorded guests.

Our Boost the ’Cuse broadcast exceeded all expectations—and that’s in large part thanks to the team at 5 Tool Productions. They worked through so many challenges with us and always found a way to say ‘YES!’. I am super detail-oriented, and Phil/Marisa/Michelle truly covered EVERY detail. They became extensions of our core team, and we LOVED working with them—as people and professionals. We can’t wait for our next opportunity to partner.
Kim Infanti
Alumni Engagement, Syracuse University

To help promote this broadcast and create excitement around the day, our team put together a fast-paced promo. In it was all of the essential information like what the event is, what will be included in the show and where to tune in.

As guests committed to be a part of the show, we created a suite of speaker promos. These were for SU to use on their platforms but also, they were for the speakers to promote to their own networks. Notable alums, coaches, and professors have their own reach; it’s important to leverage those second level networks! In total, our team edited 11 promotional videos in advance of Boost the ’Cuse.

Buy-in for an event like this is essential, so, Syracuse tapped into their expansive alumni network to fill out an all-star lineup of guests. That included Scott Hanson, host of NFL RedZone, who hosted all 16 shows. Many other alums were included in the show, whether they joined live via Zoom, pre-recorded short messages, or joined Scott in-studio for a live interview.

In total, 30 live guests were a part of the show, whether in-person or remote. Guests ranged from notable alumni to students to current faculty and staff. We wanted to include everyone and anyone that had great things to say about Syracuse University! 

The rest of the show was filled with other Syracuse content. We utilized a lot of pre-existing content that we wrapped with Boost branding and created some new content. There were a total of 39 pieces of content that we edited to be a part of this show.

The overwhelming success of Syracuse University’s Boost the ’Cuse broadcast is a direct result of our collaboration with 5 Tool Productions. Phil, Marisa, Michelle and the talented pros (and great people!) at 5TP worked seamlessly with our team here on campus. They saw our vision, embraced our goals, and learned to speak our language fluently! We’re looking forward to setting the bar even higher—and jumping over it—for our next project with 5 Tool Productions.
Chris Velardi
Alumni Engagement, Syracuse University

Another exciting element of this is how widespread the event was all over campus! The show was mainly streamed from a studio in the Communications building with Scott Hanson; in addition we had another set over at the student center. We went live from the student center a handful of times throughout the day with a student host. Also at the student center was our 360 booth for students to get some fun videos to share on social media.

There were 5 other locations we went live from throughout the day, including an SU alumni event that was happening in Boston. Sean McDonough, play-by-play broadcaster and an SU alum, hosted from Boston. He pulled in some Syracuse faculty and alumni for interviews. For our other live hits around campus, student reporters were stationed at other locations like the library, the JMA Wireless Dome, and the law school to conduct interviews with guests there.

Throughout the day, it was also important that SU had a strong online presence to draw people in to the broadcast and to give. So, our team edited in real time all day. After each show ended, we pulled the entire block to upload to YouTube and cut some short clips that could be put out on social media. And after the event was over, our team put together a highlight reel of the day!

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