The Rise of Private Social Networks

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February 2019 will mark Facebook’s 15th birthday.  That’s crazy in itself, but what’s even more insane is just how much the platform has changed and evolved over the years.  With seemingly every new feature announcement, Facebook faced what seemed like insurmountable backlash, only to power through and continue to grow the user base.

Today, Facebook sits right around 1.5 daily active users.  And while privacy scandals made headlines in 2018, the social media giant is still the biggest player in the space.

What changes will 2019 bring? As the online community rubber-bands toward a push for more privacy, the idea of a fully open social network is shifting as well. More people want to use tools like Facebook to connect with close friends – not the whole world.

In this episode, we discuss the ways in which brands can prepare for this shift, and what marketers should be thinking about to be ready.

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