How long should your videos be?

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There are literally 100’s of videos online that talk about how long your videos need to be. The majority of will tell you less than 90 seconds. But is that right? Well, it depends. If you’re a news reporter covering a fire and are putting together a package piece, then yes 90 seconds is about right. (Note: I was a news reporter for a few years if my story was over 1:45, it didn’t air.) Chances are, however, you’re not on the news. You’re trying to get your video seen and want people to pay attention the entire time. So what is the sweet spot for length of video?

In our latest podcast, Phil and I dive into the topic of video length and come to the conclusion that that, well, it depends!

Some questions we answer about video length:

  • How long should your video be?
  • Is a long video a bad thing?
  • When should you cut it down?

The other thing to always remember is to reuse your videos and clips that land on the cutting room floor in other clips. Here’s our blog post on how we turned one shoot into 20 pieces of content.

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