The Value of Visuals in Internal Communications

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One of the big hurdles in adding visuals in internal communications is often ROI.  Unlike a content marketing program, which can be measured by engagements or sales, internal communications have a unique challenge when it comes to proving the value of the programs they set up for employees. 

Surveys can gauge engagement, and retention numbers over time can give an overall picture, but these are broad measures.  What about making a tangible difference by adding something in, right now?  Well, new research from TechSmith is loaded up with data about the value of visuals in internal communications.

A portion of the excellent infographic from TechSmith

The bottom-line – visuals in internal communications make for more engaged and productive employees, and help add dollars back into your revenue stream.  A few key stats:

  • Companies could recover $1,200 in productivity, per employee per year, by using more visuals in internal communications
  • On average, each employee could gain back approximately 25 hours of productivity with more visuals in internal communications
  • 67% of employees complete tasks better when instructions are provided as images or video as opposed to text alone
  • 43% of employees believe that employers communicate the way they want as opposed to the way the employee wants
  • Only 32% of employees are inspired by leader’s communication

We use TechSmith products here at 5 Tool Productions, specifically their great Camtasia screen capture software, but we actually first saw this study via Convince & Convert, where there’s even more great insight about this study.

Jay Baer detailed the ways that focusing on visuals in internal communications have made a difference for them.  “We get our ideas across faster. There are fewer questions. We close new business more quickly. We spend less time emailing each other and following up. We waste less time in pointless meetings and instead spend more time focusing on what matters: doing great work for our clients.”

There are a ton of ways that video can help you do this.  Updates from executives to employees via video, ask me anything sessions, training videos, live-streamed all-company meetings, department-based features – the list is as endless as it is for external communications.

When you’re ready to take the next step in your internal communications strategy, give us a call.  We work with companies all over the Boston area to help bridge the gap between the C-Suite and the people on the ground getting the work done every day.  We’ve seen some great results from this work, and we can help you do the same on your team.

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