We’ve been talking about content marketing on the blog, podcasts, and basically every waking moment of our lives for sometimes. (I mean, it is the business we’re in, so what would you expect?) There is one thing we haven’t quite hit on, however, that is extremely important – internal content. This post might not make sense for a small business, but medium and large companies need to pay attention.

You absolutely, positively need to create videos, blogs, and other content¬†to get your message across to your employers. It is very seldom that a large company gets EVERYONE in the same place at the same time. That gets even harder when you’re a global organization and time zones come into play. That’s why creating internal content is incredibly important. Give them updates. Share success stories. Build trust in your leaders. These are all things internal content can do.

In our latest edition of the video podcast, we explain why you large brands need to start creating more internal content.

Some questions we answer about internal content: