How One Small Thing Can Derail Your Day as a Business Owner

One of the hardest things (at least for me) in running a business is the realization that sometimes things go wrong.  No matter how much work you put in, or how many boxes you check, or safeguards you put in place, the reality is that things break.  When it’s your business that’s impacted by these […]

The Highs and Lows of Running a Seasonal Business

Running a business is hard no matter what line of work you’re in.  But what happens when the bulk of your business comes in over the course of six months instead of a full year?  That’s the reality for a pool service company in New England, and it’s not always easy. Episode #2 of the […]

Building a Business Around Plant-Based Food – Power Hitters

There’s a cliche expression that gets tossed around a lot; if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.  While starting a business most definitely is hard work – and a lot of it – our latest Power Hitters is proof that you can blend a passion project with a […]

Power Hitters – How Jay Hajj Built Mike’s City Diner

Have just one conversation with Jay Hajj and you’ll realize he’s as down to earth as he is inspiring.   If he looks familiar, that’s because you’ve probably seen him on the Food Network with Guy Fierri, read his cookbook, or tasted one of his meals at Mike’s City Diner. Our latest Power Hitters segment […]