Search Still Matters in Your Content Marketing Efforts

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It’s no secret that social is important when it comes to getting your content seen.  We’re huge proponents of having a sound social strategy, and thinking about video production for social media at the forefront of everything you do.  Meeting your audience where they are with rich media content is just as important as ever.  But you shouldn’t go so far as to declare SEO as dead, or to ignore it in your own efforts.  The reality is that despite all of the other tools at your disposal, search still matters.

From our own perspective here at 5 Tool Productions, we see time and time again how important our written content is to driving web traffic.  We see search as an important driver for us when it comes to some of our most important topics like live streaming and event production.  Our social media pages are great for going back and forth on these topics.  But in terms of raw numbers for our web traffic, search still matters.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that all of this should work together.  This isn’t written content instead of social content or vice versa.  This is all about creating rich media to feed your machine, and deploying it strategically across all of your available channels.  Our latest podcast dives deep into this topic, and tries to help you figure out how to bring it all together.

Search Still Matters Podcast – Full Transcript Coming Soon


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