Building Out a Studio in Your Office

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It’s a question that’s come up much more frequently in our conversations with forward-thinking companies; should I put a studio in my office?

The thought process behind this is a good one. If you want to be able to capture content on the fly and stop wasting opportunities to create content, it makes sense to think about ways to create quickly. But as with anything, you should keep the big picture in mind.

There’s a time and place for everything.  Sometimes it makes sense to do it yourself, but sometimes it’s better to focus on your core business and leave the video production to outside companies.  Either way, it’s all about being as efficient as possible and making sure that you’re not wasting time.

In some cases, we work with clients to convert their office into a studio.  This can be the best of both worlds.  You can achieve a professional look and feel without ever leaving your office, but without the overhead and training necessary to completely do it on your own.

Our latest podcast walks through some of the use cases for a dedicated studio, and some of the situations where it doesn’t make sense.  Do you have a place to quickly record videos in your office?  Let us know in the comments!

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