Woman shrugs shoulder with questions marks drawn above her head.

I was recently on a pre-production call for an upcoming event and the question of where the audience was going to watch the live stream came up. 

Event manager: To be honest we haven’t really thought of that yet. I’m not entirely sure, maybe zoom? Do you have any suggestions?

Me: It kinda depends on your goals. How much engagement do you anticipate having with your audience? Are you going to be providing additional resources like PowerPoint or PDFs? How much and what type of analytics are you hoping to gather post-event?

Event manager: Great questions, we really have not been thinking about that. We were just excited to offer a virtual stream of the event.

Now, while that conversation did not happen exactly like that, it is unfortunately close to some conversations I have had in the past. I get it, streaming a conference, summit, or even a conversation is amazing. You are spreading your content to a digital audience that in the past would never have gotten to digest the stellar information. But the true power of a live stream should not just be that you did it, it should be a tool to help you achieve your goal.

Don’t get caught thinking of a live stream like a TV show. THE MEDIUM MATTERS

So great, you agree with me but back to that first question, do I have any suggestions for streaming platforms?

Scene from Jurassic Park where Samuel L. Jackson says hold on to your butts before he restarts the power to the building and is promptly attached by a velociraptor.

So, some housekeeping before we begin. 

The following list is by NO MEANS exhaustive or everything. I am also making this list for businesses that do not typically stream. Twitch and platforms like that are amazing and have a LARGE user base. But if you are doing a one-off stream it does not make a ton of sense to use something like Twitch. Lastly, I am writing this in January 2023, which means if you are reading this at a later date something could have changed. Think I missed a streaming platform? Let me know, and connect with me on LinkedIn

Let’s begin:

Option 1 – Social Channels
Option 2 – Your Website
Option 3 – Software/App-based Platforms
Option 4 – Web-based platforms

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