How EverTrue Creates Engaging Live Broadcasts Month After Month

Live Broadcasts as Content Marketing

Creating consistent content for your brand is hard.  Between your email marketing, social channels, and sales efforts there’s a seemingly endless need to create high-quality content that shows off your value.  But what if I told you that one type of content can help achieve your goals in sales and marketing, and it’s repeatable month after month?

Too good to be true, right?

Well, our friends at EverTrue do just that via their live broadcasts aimed at current and potential customers alike.

Monthly webinars are just one of many things that EverTrue does to engage its audience.  In fact, they have an entire content library dedicated to telling success stories of customers and explaining how their product works.  Live broadcasts fit in nicely as a way for the audience to get more detailed case studies and engage with thought leaders directly.

So how do they do it?  Let’s dive in!

A sideline reporter on a plain background during a live broadcast
EverTrue uses a "sideline reporter" to field questions from the audience during live broadcasts

Start With the Audience

 It may sound simple, but the most important part of your live broadcast should always be your audience.  Sure, you have information you want to convey; product information, case studies, stats, and beautiful visuals.  But none of that matters if your audience isn’t paying attention.

EverTrue consistently focuses on putting the audience first – both in topics and in the live broadcasts themselves.

The content that is featured in these shows is content that EverTrue’s audience actually cares about.  The topics align with sales goals, but first and foremost they’re topics that people actually want to learn more about.   This helps drive sign ups and get people there for the live event.

Once the lights go on and the show begins, the live broadcasts are fully audience-centric.  The chat function isn’t an afterthought – it’s the main event.  Audience members communicate with hosts and other attendees, and use it as a virtual meeting room with like-minded folks in their profession.

EverTrue actually assigns a staff member to participate in the chat independent of the on-air talent. That way the audience is getting responses and helpful content shared in the chat through the event, and the host can be fully focused on the content they’re presenting. At the end questions are fielded to the host so they they can respond in real time.

Moreover, every show features polls that are used to help drive the live broadcasts forward.  And these aren’t solely on-topic.  These polls will often be just for fun, and tied to real-world events.  

For example, in a December broadcast, the show kicked off with a poll asking viewers to share their favorite holiday movie.  It doesn’t have anything to do with fundraising technology, but it gets people involved in an easy, fun way.  This goes a long way to retaining an audience and having them participate in the conversation in a meaningful way.

Including Relevant Guests in Live Broadcasts

The content is important, but the guest you get to talk about the topic at hand is key.

Relevant guests outside the walls of your organization go a long way toward making your live broadcasts more effective.  External guests add legitimacy by showing that its not just your company talking about these topics.  They add context and layers to your conversations with their expertise.  And finally, they bring along their own audiences – potentially people that aren’t in your existing pipeline.

Month after month, EverTrue brings in one or more external guest as a thought leader to reinforce the topics at hand.  These people are experts in the field who can speak to the real-world utility of their products.  

The best part?  After a live show ends, there’s an additional person outside of your organization who can post the best clips from the show to share with their own networks.  This once again extends the reach of your content beyond your lists and your audience.

EverTrue brings in a full slate of guests for its RAISE live broadcasts.

Using Thoughtful Visuals

The reality of 2023 is that everyone is spending way more time on video calls than they’d like.  This means that you need to put a really good product in front of people for virtual events in order to differentiate between their day to day monotony and your live broadcasts.

The best place to start with this is your graphics.  Clean and simple is a good place to start.  Thoughtful and additive is an important aspect.  

More than what they see in a Zoom meeting should be the golden rule.

EverTrue creates a custom suite of graphics for each live event.  The information is helpful without being overwhelming.  It complements what the hosts are saying.  And in journalism terms, they “advances the story,” meaning the graphics keep the conversation moving forward to the next step.

The last thing you want is for your audience to feel like your live broadcasts are just another meeting.  Step your game up, create some nice visuals, and watch your audience stick around for your full show instead of getting bored halfway through.



Clean, branded graphics and visuals are must-have in live broadcasts

These interviews are an example of a type of video that EverTrue mixes into their live broadcasts.

Mixing and Matching Content Types

Just like the point about graphic identity, the type of content that you include in live broadcasts is a major determinant in whether or not people will actually watch your show.

EverTrue does a fantastic job of mixing in different elements – images, visuals, and videos of all shapes and sizes – into their shows. 

The video content that EverTrue leverages in these shows also ranges widely.  From user-generated case studies all the way up to fully-produced documentaries, the viewer gets to see plenty of different people in different settings.

By going back and forth between different types of videos and different lengths, you can keep the viewer engaged and keep your show from becoming monotonous. 


How Can You Do It?

Now that you’ve seen how EverTrue does it month after month, it’s time to take a crack at it yourself. 

If you’re interested in hosting your own virtual events like the ones above, give us a call!  We’d love to learn about your brand and help you create something awesome to engage your audience.