PTZ Cameras are Becoming More and More Common

What is a PTZ Camera?

PTZ Cameras, or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are very flexible filming or streaming devices that make movements. very easy for the operator. They can turn left or right, tilt up or down, and zoom in and out with remote control rather than standing behind it. These cameras are essential when creating a video podcast, a webinar, a hybrid event, and so much more because they can because it will allow your video production team to be more efficient with resources, which will help keep costs lower for clients. With our team, these PTZ cameras are at your disposal to maximize your reach, by providing content that is professional.

Between the monitor to the far left and the multi-screen to the far right, two PTZ cameras can be seen in this ESPN studio.

This photo to the left shows a Friday night episode of ‘Stephen A’s World’ in which two PTZ cameras can be seen. The PTZ cameras on this ESPN set make it easy for the producers to change the angle or adjust the shot, without ever entering the room or touching the camera.
The main benefits to using a PTZ camera are having a large field of view, and moving anywhere between zero pan/tilt and the full 360 degree pan/180 degree tilt. Also, motion-based auto tracking, a time-based auto scan, remote camera control, and zoom capabilities.


How does 5 Tool Productions uses PTZ Cameras? 


At 5 Tool Productions, we look to utilize the best and most efficient equipment possible. With PTZ cameras, we are very flexible in creating a unique experience, and making your production a success. It also allows us to keep the production crew smaller and out of the studio. This can help the talent feel less distracted by having fewer people in the room. 

We use our PTZ cameras to align concise shots, remotely adjust frame size and keep any show engaging.

In the example video, you’ll see a short clip that is from a webinar that was filmed entirely with remote cameras.

PTZ Cameras are here to stay

There are many different ways PTZ cameras are being used throughout the industry right now. Since here at 5 Tool Productions we are getting great use out of them, we use them very often. Video podcast recording and any time we are recording in our studio, our PTZ cameras are ideal.

There are many reasons to invest in these cameras, or to hire someone like us that has them.  Generally, most professional companies are joining this trend, as they are here to stay.

Two PTZ cameras in action on our white backdrop at the 5 Tool Productions studio.