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Where should I post my videos? That’s a question I get asked at least once a week. While my answer is ALWAYS the same, I’ll focus on a conversation I had recently with a local gym owner.

CrossFit boxes, and personal training studios are no stranger to creating content on their own. Many owners, trainers, and coaches are constantly filming their clients to show off results. This one coach I had talked to in particular, does an awesome job at shooting video on his phone, and compiling the footage at the end of each week into a montage. The only issue is he’s only posting the videos to Vimeo.

This gym owner told me that he really likes the player that Vimeo and that was enough to swing him to post his content there.  While I totally agree with him about the player, he’s missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Post your videos everywhere!

It is easy to get sucked into the look or feel of a player. But if you are creating content for the sole purpose of gaining eyeballs, get it up on every site possible. We sometimes like to think that all of our buyers are all in the same place at the same time. (Ha! Yeah right.) Chances are they’re on multiple social channels, skimming through content and consuming it on their own terms. So why not give them what they want? By posting your videos to one channel, you are forcing prospects and clients into watching your content on your terms. While it sounds nice, it is way too easy for them to find something else to watch on their own terms.

Don’t get lazy.

It is easy to hit the “share to all channels” button, but you really shouldn’t. In other words, don’t post a video to YouTube and share that link to Facebook. Upload your video(s) directly to each channel. Social channels like Facebook and Twitter give more credit to videos uploaded natively to their sites and you do not want to miss out on that.

So before you ask anyone else “where to post your videos?” the answer is always, everywhere.

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