User-Generated Content Spaces at Events

When you’re planning for an event, it’s easy to think about the stage first and foremost. But, what about everyone else? How are you engaging your attendees and enhancing their experience?

360 Booth

One way to get your attendees involved is with a 360 video booth. People love getting up on that platform, posing for the camera, and having fun; it’s like a photo booth but better! Especially when you incorporate some fun props that incorporate your brand or color scheme.

As an event organizer, it’s advantageous for you because once the attendee is done taking their video, they can send it to themselves to post on social media immediately right then and there. You can also set these videos up to incorporate your company or event’s branding or event hashtag. This will help generate a buzz on social media and make everyone who isn’t there feel a little bit of FOMO.

Event Spaces

Another way is by thinking about spaces that will allow for user-generated content. These spaces will ideally encourage interactivity, curated spaces, a place for attendees to gather, etc. Think about the “Instagram factor”, something that people will want to stop and take photos of or with that will look good on social media. A basic example of this is the Nashville wings. You know when someone in your social feed has visited Nashville because they will post a photo in front of those walls with the wings painted on them. Something as simple as a painted wall encourages passersby to stop and take photos. So, when you’re hosting an event, think about what these kinds of spaces can work for you. What’s your version of those Nashville wings? 

We’ve seen some really successful versions of these at a variety of conferences we’ve worked at for Diversified Communications. At events like the Administrative Professionals Conference or Vinexpo America, they always have spaces that encourage interaction from attendees. These spaces include:

  • Photo walls
  • Tiny spaces
  • Pin walls
  • Chalk walls
  • Networking stations (that double as photo opps!)

Another typical event example of a space like this is a step and repeat. Step and repeats draw people to take photos like moths to a flame! It replicates a red carpet experience. And the best part? When attendees share those photos, your logo will be plastered repeatedly in the background! Your attendees are doing the work for you, and having fun doing it.

Need some more inspiration?

Hubspot’s Inbound conference is another great example of an event that takes advantage of these spaces. They caught onto this idea that the more interactive spaces there are to take photos with, the more buzz there will be around their event.

Another great way to get some inspiration is by following BizBash on Instagram to see some awesome examples of event décor, backdrops, and interactive spaces!

Better yet, reach out to us! Let 5 Tool Productions help you plan your next event, and watch our Event Content Checklist webinar to see what else you should be doing at your events.