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If there is one thing everyone can agree on its the fact that creating video content can be expensive. The barrier to entry has become lower but its still one of the most expensive forms of content to create. So let me ask you this, why are you wasting it? I’m talking about the case study you spent $5,000 on as well as your latest :30 second Instagram post.

This semi-rant stems from a conversation I had with a friend the other day. She had told me that her former employer had someone on their team who’s sole responsibility was to create video. Talk about a dream job. However, when I took a glance at that brand’s social channel, there was little to no use of video. The more I dug, the more I found out. The videographer was basically only putting together videos for employees; which is great, just not when their social channels are hurting for it.

Reuse Your Video Content

While you might be generating a ton of views with your video, you could be getting even more. I’ve said several times that brands should shoot once, reuse often when it comes to video content and earlier this year, Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a great piece on how you need to create sawdust with your content. Personally I like to use 5 as the rule of thumb. meaning, anytime I shoot something, I need to get at least 3 pieces of content out of it. That means if I shoot something, I need to squeeze 5 pieces of content out of it. Think of it this way. If I shoot an interview with someone, I can easily turn that into a blog post, a few soundbites can be used as teasers on Instagram, and screen shots from the video can be used as images.

Like I said, video content is way too expensive to create for you to be only using it once. So if you are wasting your videos, you’re wasting money.

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