Capturing History at Embrace Boston Event

Usually when we cover an event, we are focused on what’s happening on stage or getting shots of an engaged audience. But for this project, we had the chance to highlight the people behind the scenes!

Back in January, our team covered the work of frequent 5 Tool partner and client, The Castle Group, while they worked on site for their event with Embrace Boston. Our goal was to create a behind the scenes video for The Castle Group.

The Event

The event took place over the course of multiple days. We were on site at the Boston Common for 2 days: the first to capture event set up and preparation, and the second to capture final prep and the event itself. Our team also went to the Omni Hotel for the gala that was held a few days later to wrap up the weekend of festivities surrounding the Embrace.

Not only did we get to showcase the amazing work The Castle Group does, but we also had a front row seat to a pivotal moment in Boston’s history. 


While most of our shots were following the team members of The Castle Group over the course of the weekend, we also had to add a little context by showcasing moments from the event itself. Arguably the biggest moment of that entire weekend was the actual unveiling of the Embrace statue. Standing amongst tons and tons of other local news media, we had the chance to see the unveiling up close and capture this historic moment. Not to mention this gave us some of the coolest shots we’ve ever captured! Including a slow motion shot of the statue being unveiled, and GoPro footage of the crowd descending upon the statue for photo opps after it was unveiled.

We have the chance to work at a lot of cool events, but this has to be up there for one of the most impactful events we’ve been a part of. 

Behind the Scenes