Wrapping Up the Arc of Greater Brockton’s ‘Dedication Ceremony’ Event Coverage

On June 23rd, 2022, the Arc of Greater Brockton, Massachusetts was the host to a Dedication Ceremony at their space in Brockton, Massachusetts. They were announcing a groundbreaking of property right next to their original building. Also, they honored former executive director Jay Lynch, as he moves on from his position at the Brockton Arc, […]

The Rise of Private Social Networks

February 2019 will mark Facebook’s 15th birthday.  That’s crazy in itself, but what’s even more insane is just how much the platform has changed and evolved over the years.  With seemingly every new feature announcement, Facebook faced what seemed like insurmountable backlash, only to power through and continue to grow the user base. Today, Facebook […]

Why your company needs reviews and what you can do with them

I know you’re going to be busy the next few days busy restocking shelves and board-folding every t-shirt on the display tree this weekend during black Friday and small business Saturday. But right after you make a customer’s day and check them out, there is one more thing you should do, ask them for a […]

How to see what ads companies are running on Facebook

A while back, we wrote an article explaining how to see what Facebook knows about you. It turned out to be a fairly popular post on the site and one that generated a few sidebar conversations from readers. One of the main questions we encountered was “how can I see what ads brands are running […]

Want to be noticed at an event or trade show? Do this.

We’ve been on a conference and event kick for the last few shoots and there is one thing we have definitely noticed. If you want traffic to your booth or space, there is one simple thing you should do. Bring a camera. While I don’t mean that you just have to bring a point ad […]

Instagram vs. Snapchat – Who’s Winning the War?

When Instagram announced the addition of stories last August, there was no doubting the motivations behind the move.  By adding a feature that was essentially a carbon copy of Snapchat’s stories, Instagram was taking aim directly at one of its largest, and only real, threats for users’ attention.  The Instagram vs. Snapchat war was officially […]

Getting buy in from senior leadership

We get it. Not everyone signs the checks. So how do you talk the person that does, into investing in video? Getting buy in from senior leadership isn’t just hard for us on the sales side. It can also be a royal pain for the marketers and creative teams that down have access to the […]

Is internal content more important than external content?

We’ve been talking about content marketing on the blog, podcasts, and basically every waking moment of our lives for sometimes. (I mean, it is the business we’re in, so what would you expect?) There is one thing we haven’t quite hit on, however, that is extremely important – internal content. This post might not make […]

It’s just a conversation: How to be good on camera

Having worked in both the news industry and corporate video, there is always one question I get over and over again. “How can I be good on camera?” You can actually see who is going to ask that question as soon as you walk through the door. Their demeanor is a little tentative and they […]

A Day At Wayfair – Behind the Scenes

  A few weeks back, we had the chance to hit the road for a day-long filming session at Wayfair in downtown Boston.  Being a home goods retailer, their corporate offices provided so many awesome backdrops for our various shoots throughout the day.  The hardest part of this shoot was figuring out which furniture, and […]