Event Production with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation

The 15th Annual Joe Andruzzi Foundation Gala

How We Did It

Our job the night of the gala included capturing red carpet interviews, live editing those interviews for the show, and most importantly producing and live streaming the Gala itself. But before the night of the Gala arrived, we had plenty of pre-production work to do!


In advance of the Gala, our team worked on several different elements to be included in the live show. This included a show intro, a pair of patient stories, and a video that highlighted the 2022 JAF “Gamechangers”. It’s a pretty cool feeling to see videos that you created showcased on the big screen in front of an audience at Gillette Stadium!


We really wanted to give the at-home audience the feeling of being on site. So before the gala kicked off, we produced a “red carpet show” similar to what you would see for the Grammy’s or  Academy Awards. There was a hitch, however. They weren’t exactly sure who would show up at different times so we elected to pre-record  the red carpet interviews with the Gala’s host Nick “Fitzy” Stevens. After an interview was completed, one of our team members would run the card over to our editor to get to work. He conducted a handful of interviews with the stars of the night, including Joe and Jen Andruzzi! The Joe Andruzzi Foundation wanted to show these videos on the big screens as people arrived at the Gala.

During the Show

For the show itself we set up our production tables at the back of the room to be our home base where the producing and technical directing was happening. We had two switchers set up: one to control what we were seeing on the big screens in the room and the other to control what the viewers at home were seeing. We also had 4 cameras for this production: two stationary cameras on tripods at the back of the room, and 2 “roaming” cameras.

These roaming cameras were set up to be wireless so that we could move about the room and capture more in-the-moment shots of the audience or the folks on stage. These especially came in handy during the live auction portion of the show and the performances at the end of the show. The wireless cameras allowed us to quickly find those members in the audience who were bidding on auction items and get shots that the wired cameras on tripods don’t have the flexibility for. During the performance, our team was able to get super up close to the stage to capture cool close up shots of the performers, as well as members of the audience dancing and enjoying the night.


All in all, the 15th Annual Joe Andruzzi Foundation was a huge success! The show went off without a hitch and they were able to raise over $880,000 for cancer patients throughout New England. Working on an event that has this kind of impact is incredibly special. We’re so grateful to have a great partnership with a foundation that does such incredible work!

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