Spaulding Rehabilitation

Stories of Strength

The Spaulding Rehabilitation Networked approached 5 Tool Productions to help develop stories for an awareness campaign.  Spaulding is the leader in rehabilitative medicine offering world-class care, promoting medical education, and advancing research.  Their patients are a story of hope and perseverance.  Spaulding wanted to capture their patients’ stories to help showcase to their donors the impact they are making.

The final output of the project included an anchor video to be used when appealing to donors and additional short-form content to be used on social channels and within mailing campaigns.  The two teams collaborated to develop a story brief that outlined the premise, who would be showcased, and what the viewer would be identifying with.  From there the 5 Tool team managed the pre-production from securing shot locations, developing the production schedule, and pre-scripting the questions for the patients.

Over one day, 5 Tool recorded several interviews with the patient and Spaulding personnel.  Additionally, the team captured additional footage showcasing the patients and personnel interacting to be used as b-roll for the anchor video.  The team managed the entire production and worked to make the experience as frictionless as possible for all involved.

Finally, the team crafted the anchor video and short-form content in a collaborative effort with Spaulding, providing their post-production expertise with the client’s brand voice.  The final product resulted in an increase in their giving for the year and helped to improve the lives of thousands of people.