RAISE Hybrid Event

Over the years, EverTrue has been known for its RAISE conference.  Before COVID, it would be a two-day long event held in the heart of Boston, drawing fundraisers from all over the country to come together and share ideas.  Punctuated with inspiring keynotes from the for-profit world, some of the best and brightest in the field would share tips & tricks from their own successful campaigns.  In 2020, when an in-person event wasn’t possible, EverTrue had to look to shift the mindset of the event.

In a true embodiment of the 5 Tool Mantra “Pivot, Don’t Replicate,” EverTrue presented its audience with a completely unique experience from what they had come to expect in-person.  Instead of two days, it would be two hours.  Instead of 45 minute sessions, it would be 5 minute sessions.  And instead of an auditorium full of a few hundred, it would be a chat room filled with thousands of engaged fundraisers watching together.

Our plan was to host 400 advancement professionals at the Revere Hotel today for Raise 2020. Instead we’ll be hosting 2,500 for a fraction of the cost.
Brent Grinna
CEO, EverTrue

The new RAISE experience is a fully reimagined hybrid event.  Blending live in-person hosts with questions and comments from the audience, mixed together with feature videos and remote recordings from experts across the country, the shorter show packs a massive punch.

Thousands of viewers tune into the show each year – and they don’t just watch – they participate in the live chat to the tune of hundreds of questions and messages, bringing the collegial feel of a live event to life.

The best part – it doesn’t end with the live event for EverTrue.  All of their content is segmented and presented on-demand to their audience via Their EverTrue Studios page – a dynamic, curated hub highlighting the best moments from RAISE and the rest of their videos throughout the year.