Emerson College Athletics

Day of Giving 2023

Emerson College Athletics Day of Giving 2023 Launch Video

How We Did It

The 5 Tool Productions team worked with Emerson College to capture their Emerson Athletics Challenge and Day of Giving on a three-set shoot, helping to prove Emerson IS a sports school. We arrived at the gym and spent the morning setting up colorful and engaging sets for teams that circled in and out throughout the day, such as men’s basketball, women’s soccer, men’s baseball, women’s basketball and more.

Each athlete showed up with their sporting goods and equipment in hand. Products from the shoot gave each team their own individual hype reel, as well as stop-motion photos that they can post on their social media accounts, along with a massive launch video to promote Emerson College’s annual Giving Day.

Station Breakdown

One set included a purple backdrop lit by purple tube lights in which we filmed a combination of hero poses, tight shots, and action shots along with recording lines for the Emerson Athletics Challenge video.

Moving on to the second station, we tried out something new – stop motion photography. This was a great technique to make a media day stand out. By using your college colors it allows for a great way to make these shoots your very own and brand your institution. 

In front of a white drape highlighted by yellow and purple drop lights, we had athletes throw up balls, juggle, dribble, volley… the whole 9 yards. The easier solution could have been to just capture still images or portray the action through video, but why not get two for the price of one? Pull out a still or mesh them together, you still get a unique effect. And you know us, it didn’t stop there.

 Our third and final set was using the whole gym as our background with a line of tube lights down the middle. With a smoke machine, slow-mo shots, and the dolly, we brought the hype to life. 


After the day in the Lion’s Den, 5 Tool was able to record cool content with 7 different teams on 3 different sets. It didn’t stop there! We were also capturing stop motion photography, stills, and recorded lines for a launch video, thank you video, and series of hype videos for the teams to bring the hype to Emerson Athletics Giving Day.