NARTI 2021

National Anti-Racism Teach-In


Over the course of four days, we spent a total of 40 hours live streaming and bringing in more than 30 remote guests and speakers over Zoom. The conference was hosted by Jack Hill, who did the show from our studio and we provided a set for any in-studio guests to present from as well. Many of the speakers also had decks to go along with their presentations that they were able to advance remotely using internet clicker.

It was an all hands on deck situation: we had Zoom managers welcoming speakers into a “green room” before sending them into the live event and pinning them on Zoom, a technical director switching the show, stream techs monitoring the stream and the chat, and the rest of the team doing other miscellaneous tasks as needed, like taking behind the scenes photos and videos or making any edits to videos or graphics being used during the event. There was plenty of work that had to be done prior to the event as well. The team scheduled and held connection tests with each of the presenters to ensure everyone’s connection was stable, check out what their shot would look like, and answer any questions the speakers had.

The magnitude of this event wasn’t the only thing that made it stand out for us. There were many other fun, unique aspects of this event! First, we had the opportunity to create a custom set. We had a sign printed with the client’s logo that we put on the wall behind the host and we had a collection of books that we used to fill the shelves on set. The event was also a great team bonding experience! We had breakfast catered to our office every morning that we ate together with the client, and we all had the opportunity to be in the office working on this event collectively.