Boston University

Giving Day 2022 Campaign

giving day boston university

The 5 Tool team was tasked with creating a Giving Day announcement video and thank you video, as well as a couple Giving Day Frequently Asked Question videos to accompany the announcement video for their campaign. These videos were aimed at BU alumni and community members to create awareness and hype for their 2022 Giving Day as well as answer some common questions that the audience would have in short, digestible videos.

For the announcement video, we had calls with the client to pinpoint exactly what funds they wanted highlighted in the video and what locations we would shoot on. We were on site at BU’s campus over two days where we captured broll of students in their respective spaces and recorded them reading lines off a teleprompter for the accompanying voice over. 

For the FAQ videos, we originally planned to record BU students on a seamless background and have them also read lines to create those videos, however due to a scheduling conflict, the 5 Tool team pivoted and turned to the help of graphics and a voice over to create a series of videos that still accomplished the original goal. 

The 5 Tool Team was able to take two days of on site shooting and record broll and lines for a voice over that in the end created multiple videos that BU used in their successful 2022 Giving Day campaign. In the end, they were able to connect with over 10,000 donors across the globe over multiple social channels and highlight specific funds in order to send the exact message they wanted to get across to their audiences. BU raised $3.1 Million dollars from their 2022 Giving Day and was able to support more than 400 funds around the school.