Boston University

"Donors Open Doors" Donor Campaign

This project all started when the team at BU came to us with a shot they had really liked from an advertisement for Uber that included a montage of passengers exiting the car using a unique looking dolly shot over and over again. So the 5 Tool team put their heads together and decided to replicate that shot using students walking through various doors around BU’s campus. On top of that, we wanted to use the theme of doors throughout the video and decided to bookend the video with a montage of different types of doors around BU and the city.

On site, one team was tasked with venturing around BU’s entire Boston campus to capture still photos of any cool looking or iconic door they could find. A second team went from location to location using the dolly rig to film BU students walking through recognizable doors. Broll was then captured of students interacting with each space going off a specific shot list the 5 Tool team had created in planning and scripting this video. 

The video turned out great and it really was a wonderful experience working with 5 Tool. There was a lot of excitement around the project and it really shows in the final product!
Jennifer Dallaire
Senior Associate Director, BU Annual Giving

Post production was a fun process due to the many options of different door pictures, dolly shots, and the large amount of broll that was captured for this video. When creating a donor campaign video that is only supposed to be about a minute long, the editor has some creative freedom to really sift through and choose the best broll that was captured on site. 

We decided to add some movement in the beginning door montage to really grab that viewers attention within the first 5-10 seconds. If done correctly, this will hold their attention all the way until the call to action at the end. 

This turned out to be a really great project and was a real team effort from start to finish. We were able to get a bit creative with how we shot this video and got to use some new techniques and equipment in the process!